It’s Nice To Meet You

We are an award winning multi disciplinary design consultancy based on the Surrey Research Park, Guildford.

Our customers are pioneers who want us to find solutions for their biggest challenges. We believe in understanding your problem and providing the best solution. We do this using our proven design process and our love of high technology to produce the best possible product.  Speed, Efficiency and cost reduction is a by-product of our design process helping you reduce time and cost to get your product to market.

Ultimate efficiency is the goal. Our philosophy is to simplify and optimise every component. It’s this thinking that enables cost and time savings in the short & long run. Naturally this involves a degree of complex thinking but we know it’s worth it.

We are a company of engineers and developers focused on exploiting exciting technologies like 3D printing, 3D scanning, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). However, we stay true to our roots of  good old fashioned design and development including an extensive knowledge of 3D CAD and technical drawing to produce tangible answers to our customers biggest problems.

Our values define us

At the heart of everything we do there is a desire to evolve. To seek out new innovative technologies and manufacturing processes. Our clients invest in us not just for our technical expertise but because they know we are progressive achievers, focused on being the best by adding value to our clients investment through our own love of design and technology. We never just stand still and neither should you. Collaboration will open our eyes to future possibilities yet unseen.

Thinking differently

We believe every idea deserves the very best thinking. We achieve this by solving problems through a creative thought process. This ensures we deliver a customer focused approach that is engineered specifically to meet the demands of our customers. This ethos is behind everything we do.

Relationships are everything

In every step of the process we believe in building relationships. We understand that trust is absolute. Our customers trust us to deal with commercially sensitive material every day. We are proud to be highly regarded by our clients, not only for our high technical ability, but as an honourable company, focused on delivering exceptional work by leveraging innovative technologies whilst always building upon the foundations of our relationships.

Trusted Associates

Collaboration is essential to our success. To ensure we are always on the cutting edge we have a number of trusted associates that we use to ensure we deliver including IP lawyers, manufacturing partners and software developers.


LumicoDesign provide truly excellent quality technical development and 3d printing services that I would be happy to recommend to anyone.

Their highly professional and dedicated approach, always delivers to our challenging timelines. LumicoDesign are very adaptable to our brand identity, nuances, internal operations and constantly moving goal posts.

Molecular Warehouse

I have worked with LumicoDesign over the past 3 years on a variety of projects. I find their work exemplary and appreciate the thought process they put into concepts, design and engineering. It is rare these days that someone thinks about how fixtures will be manufactured and this ultimately leads to a much smoother process in the long run. Both with myself and clients LumicoDesign is able to explain clearly how to improve, engineer and develop designs to achieve the brief.

Andy Smolinski – Managing Director

LumicoDesign have supported NSE on several projects and also in servicing a new client project. Their has provided a flexible and efficient service. I have every confidence in LumicoDesign to provide a suitable design fit for purpose, taking into account manufacturing methods, using initiative and asking all the right questions.

Versha Mistry -Technical Design Director

During my time as head of design in a busy design office, the use of freelance design resource is invaluable. LumicoDesign came on board and personally managed our peak requirements – this combined with their unique and diverse approach to design and their overwhelming professionalism is a certain recipe for success.

Rob Jamieson – Head of Design and Global Supply Chain Management

We have used LumicoDesign’s services on a number of high profile projects in recent times– They have always delivered well structured and appropriate design solutions. They have a very close attention to detail and are very comfortable when dealing with both creative and technical challenges. Their rendering skills are first class and have always returned presentation material within very reasonable timescales. I would have no problem in recommending LumicoDesign as a great external design resource.

Duncan Abbott – Head of Design & Development