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March 3, 2017
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March 10, 2017
Our digitised mannequin poses

Our digitised mannequin poses

It was a cold dark October night when a picture of a man that 3D printed himself came across my desk. What followed was an exceptional collaboration where LumicoDesign developed a process to digitise mannequin design with their collaborator sfd.

This image felt disruptive to me so I immediately sent this onto sfd, an innovative client of LumicoDesign that supply mannequins to global brands. We love to share our ideas with companies that share our passion for disruption and sfd certainly share our passion and vision.

With our new and totally disruptive approach we are able to create new, or use existing physical mannequin forms and transform these into digitally poseable geometry. We can then go a step further and use additive manufacturing techniques like 3D printing produce full size mannequins for use in the retail sector.

Traditionally this process would be done by interpreting artistic sketches and crafting the form from clay in China. This interpretation often leads to a time and resource draining cycle of revisions, which is an inefficient use of resource and results in increased time to market. The physical mannequin must then be signed off in person in China or shipped to the UK. If a new pose is required the process needs to be started afresh. A typical design can take 3 months to get to this stage.

We started by digitising an existing mannequin using 3D scanning before arriving at our clever recipe for creating poseable digital mannequins. The digital nature of the process opens doors to all sorts of new innovations such as 3D printing, Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual reality(VR).


Benefits of our digital process include:

  • Time saving: The removal of the inherent interpretation by the artisan, reducing communication errors and numerous revisions
  • Speed: Allows the client can make immediate digital adjustments in order to achieve their desired result fast
  • Ease: The use of CAD data to 3D print multiple maquettes for quick revisions and sign off
  • Reduced errors: use of these maquettes to optimise and reduce communication errors when creating store layouts
  • Virtual Reality Capability: We can use this data to create cross platform digital experiences such as Virtual Reality. This greatly enhances understanding of the proposed design and allows new tools and processes for layout planners to visualise their environment in a way previously unseen.
  • British Design: mannequins can now be designed, created, 3D printed and hand finished in the UK from existing geometry or from scratch.
  • Environmental: Significantly reduces transportation costs and time to obtain sign off whilst also reducing harmful CO2 emissions.

Now you have the flexibility to create, present and make any mannequin design virtually. Our customers can view their concepts in 1:1 scale in virtual reality where we can make changes or new designs in less than a week! This combined with the complete manufacture and supply service from sfd makes this proposition a very exciting and disruptive innovation.

You can come and experience this incredible process and try the technology with us all at Euroshop 2017.

We welcome you to see us in Hall 11 Stand A60 in Dusseldorf March 5th-9th.

To see how this process won us an ‘Innovation in Retail award’, click here.



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