Startup uses our 3D print service to reduce their development time by 700% and produce a working prototype in time to raise £737,480 of critical funding.

When Molecular Warehouse, a disruptive SME on the Surrey Research Park, Guildford needed a partner to help them to produce a finished prototype they turned to us. We were excited to help them prove their concept through an iterative series of 3D prints culminating in a prototype that was used in part to obtain £737,480 worth of investment.

Nikita Alexandrov of Molecular Warehouse was very exacting in his requirements. He needed a highly responsive turnaround to meet his deadlines, suggestions to improve the design and highly accurate and detailed prints. We worked with him to ensure every box was ticked even down to finishing the prototype in Molecular Warehouse blue.

We faced many challenges from dimensional tolerances of third party circuitry and components, to more efficient use of material. We are proud to say at every stage we were able to deliver solutions and keep the project on course for the next round of funding.

We look forward to helping Molecular Warehouse in the future.

LumicoDesign has been a critical part of our rapid prototyping process and success at Molecular Warehouse. We develop our instrumentation in-house we needed a group to help us develop casing/structural elements/mounting. LumicoDesign was able to take our design and develop it into a professional prototype including surface texture, finish and colour.

We had required intricate designs and LumicoDesign was able to expedite the printing so we could send a small part of the design in the morning, pick up a 3D printed prototype in the afternoon and then reiterate into a more complete design, repeating the process every day over the course of a week to fine-tune our final design.

I have worked with a variety of prototyping companies in my career and nobody has had the insight, flexibility and speed I found at LumicoDesign. Historically it would take a week for the turnaround of one 3D print. LumicoDesign also went above and beyond in terms of offering design advice from their extensive design-for-manufacturing experience. LumicoDesign also took the time to speak with us about scaling up our manufacturing from low volume 3D printing to production volume injection molding and offered a variety of insights and tips which gave us an understanding of the costs, logistics and difficulties.

I have no doubt that working with LumicoDesign has saved us significant effort and money as well as lowered our technical debt by giving us the insight to “prototype for production”.

-Nikita Alexandrov, Co-Founder