We Believe Collaboration Is The Key.

Working within a range of industries allows us to stay constantly inspired. We love seeing new technologies and thinking how they can be adapted for alternative industries to cause disruption and create value.

Sound principles of good design and a strong understanding of manufacturing processes is the foundation for creating considered solutions in any industry. Our legacy in retail design gives us an ability to work successfully for global brands under tight time constraints whilst incorporating best practices and value engineering at source.

These principles serve as the cornerstone when using design as a tool to solve problems and create value for our customers. Once any nuances in a sector have been understood our knowledge can be applied to solve any problem across multiple sectors. What’s more we may be able to apply a technology from an existing industry to solve your problem through the process of cross-pollination.

We use our tried and tested development process to get results

We understand that different problems need different solutions. Below is a range of services that we provide to ensure you get the results that you need.


Create technical drawings or turn your designs and concepts digital. This allows for easy revisions, testing and whats more 3D CAD data can be directly incorporated into modern manufacturing process (3D printing) to expedite time to market.


Create functional or aesthetic models to test and discover how your physical design looks, feels and behaves in the real world.  Prototyping allows you to fail faster and get to the correct solution more quickly.

3D Scanning

Perfect when you have complex forms, legacy items or a part that you need replicate or simply need 3D data for.


Visuals are a great way to clearly present a design to get an idea of context and form whilst serving as a great way to help investors understand the proposed product.

3D Printing

Quickly create physical prototypes to analyse and understand your design. Check and adjust critical fits and tolerances before investing in tooling whilst reducing your time to market.


We can build prototypes, proof of concepts or manufacture ready schematics. From simple circuits to more complex Bluetooth or wireless circles we can help you breathe life into your concept.

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