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March 13, 2017
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April 3, 2017

Design thinking will change the world for the better!

We must Challenge the status quo in order to find real game changing innovation.

This is what we love to do at LumicoDesign and as it’s nearing the end of the week, here are 3 epic examples of design thinking we have seen recently:


1. Superblocks of Barcelona

Barcelona has one of the highest air pollution percentages in Spain. Barcelona’s government decided enough was enough and have taken to a radical new strategy which restricts traffic to a number of main roads in an attempt to drastically reduce pollution within the city and to give the streets back to the people. Salvador Rueda is leading an initiative which adopts the city’s grid block system and groups these block into 9 which limits the amount of traffic that passes through single blocks. This initiative not only decreases pollution within the city but increases the area of pedestrian walkways which in turn gives the streets back to the people.

After an initial trial period, nitrogen oxide pollution was reduced by 42 percent and particle pollution was reduced by 38 percent. As an added bonus, business in the ‘superblock’ areas were up as more people were walking the streets and patronising businesses on the streets. The government is now looking to expand the initiative to more neighbourhoods.

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2. F1 Crew Helps Nurses Save Premature Babies

It is a well known fact that Formula 1 race teams run like clockwork with exceptional precision. Every pit stop to refill the fuel and replace 4 wheels takes an average of 3.5 seconds due to pit workers having their own specific job which they do quickly and precisely. All of this information is pretty well known to recreational F1 fans, yet you struggle to see this efficiency in any other industry… until now! Doctors and nurses at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, have been trained by the Williams pit crew in the hope of fine-tuning the resuscitation of premature newborn babies. The University Hospital of Wales were able get rid of unneeded equipment, reorganise the equipment they needed in a more efficient way and were able to assign specific jobs to specific individuals to make their treatment process much slicker.

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3. Circular Runways

The aviation industry is an industry which is always looking to innovate and move forward. From Concorde to remote controlled drones, our skies are filled with the very best innovations. One thing that hasn’t really changed in the aviation industry is airfields. The critical area where these amazing machines take off and land. Henk Hesselink has come up with the idea of circular runways in an attempt to turn the aviation game on it’s head. Henk, who has been carrying out his research in the Netherlands, believes that the circular runways will eliminate any cross winds when landing therefore making the job of safely landing planes a little easier. Flight simulators were used to test out Henk’s theory and they found that 3 planes could take off from one runway at once which will make airports more efficient and could allow airlines to increase their amount of flights per day. This idea is ambitious yet disruptive and could be coming to an airport near you in the near future.

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Let us know which of these inspired you. Perhaps you have seen something even more interesting?

If so, let us know by getting in touch


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