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Frequently asked questions

1Can you work with our exisitng CAD files?
Yes. We can work with existing CAD files made by other designers but we would need to check these files are suitable for the intended use. Just give us a call and we can advise you correctly
2Do you work on a project or day rate basis?
We are happy quoting on a fixed scope for a body of work that you need to work thorough alternatively, we can work on a day rate if you require a more flexible approach. For example working on multiple jobs in the same day.
3Where do you work?
We are used to working remotely and securely, from client offices, undertaking site visits or visiting suppliers at a customers request. We have worked all over the world so we can find a way to work with you.
4Is there anything you prefer not to work on?
Every project is different that's what makes this fun. We have found exceptional value for ourselves personally and (more importantly) our customers in working over multiple disciplines and projects. So far we haven't found anything we can't find a solution too. We are natural problem solvers after all.

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